The Pussy Talks
Enhancing Your Sexual Well-being
The Vision and Mission
is to facilitate profound sexual well-being experiences for men, women, singles and couples in the USA and internationally, producing outstanding educational programs. high quality, multi-media resources and providing a global network of sexual healing centers dedicated to transforming lives through enhanced sexual well-being.

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THE FIRST documentary:
A film that captures and unconceals the tapped-into pow
er you were born with. I can see every human being looking at the presentation and weeping. Like that's what's been missing. Read more . . .

THE GOAL is to raise at least $15,000 by June 1, 2015 for the production of a FEATURE FILM, the first in a documentary series on the Healing Power of Sex.


What gifts do you receive
in return for pledging $10 +?

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All funds will go directly towards production costs. A documentary film takes an enormous amount of resources, time and effort to create. Costs include —

* production costs of shooting footage
* rental and purchase of gear
* travel expenses and location rentals
* editing and sound

I am producing a feature film
with my editing guru, Mike Chesworth. It is an upbeat, educational and inspirational expression about  "Orgasm: The Gift, A Woman's Journey"

It will be available as a DVD and also easily accessible online. Other episodes will include topics such as Rites of Passage. $15,000 is just the beginning budget for producing a series.

who contributes will be listed as a thank you in the closing credits and on this website.


NEW: Feminine Beauty • 9 basic types
Download a high resolution full color chart of the 9 basic types of Genital Anatomy. As seen in the documentary on Australian TV,
The Vagina Diaries.

FREE Orgasm Poster
11" x 17" jpg
Download direct to you.

or purchase the Orgasm Banner 36" x 46" printed on polyester here.

for enhancing sexual well-being.

Listen to the first full season of Sex and the Divine Design Internet radio show HERE, any time. Online or download to your Iphone/pod/pad for free from Itunes. 39 FREE episodes.

Become a program sponsor. Reach over 50,000 committed global listeners with your service or product. Episodes available 24/7 online with your information. CONTACT US.

Support this vision being out in the world. People are hungry to learn and grow in sex education, real knowledge that works to enhance the quality of their lives.

or simply donate to the continuation of Sex and the Divine Design on Voice America, for a new season in 2014.

The Pussy Talks needs interns and inspired enthusiasts who want to be part of the vision of Sexual Healing on the planet via The Pussy Talks. Read more . . .

NEW: Genital Anatomy Types books available as high quality PDF files, instant download HERE NOW

SEXUAL MASTERY PROGRAM: for singles or couples who know there is more and are seeking an advanced transformational program.  Read more

The world's premiere Sexual Healing Center with curriculum, service center and broadcast center. More

Quodoushka 1 • Oct 9 - 12, 2014 and Q2 • Oct 16 - 19, 2014 near Melbourne, Australia for singles and couples. Registration now available.

Quodoushka 1 • Oct 23 - 26, 2014 Ohui, New Zealand for singles and couples. Registration now available.
Only 24 spaces.

Quodoushka 1 • May 29 - June 1, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ for singles and couples. Registration now available.

The Natural Body Wisdom of the Feminine  •  More

ORGASM: the Gift – a program for women

New Zealand • Land of the Eternal Light • November 10 - 27, 2014 with Batty ThunderBear, Mukee Okan and Mihirangi.
Only 20 participants.Itinerary here

JOIN our 2014 Dream Shield Ceremonial Medicine Journey in Aotearoa, November 10 - 27, Land of the Eternal Light (aka New Zealand) with Mihirangi, Batty Thunder Bear and Mukee Okan


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